Enclosures, Switches
& Control Stations


We carry a wide range of accessories for enclosures, control stations and switches  to help make your job easier. There are two types of legends, one for switches and one for control stations.

Don’t forget our unique Snap-on flange and DIN rail brackets!

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DIN Rail & Wall Mounting Brackets

DEF Flange/Wall Brackets

Unique Snap-On Brackets!

  • One size fits all enclosures (DE01 – DE06)
  • Comes with 2 x M3 fixing holes
DED Din Rail Brackets

Unique Snap-On Brackets!

  • One size fits all enclosures (DE01 – DE06)
  • Suitable for TS32 and TS35 rails

Cable Glands, Screws and Labels

DECG Cable Glands

Fits all sizes of enclosures

  • Size: H29.2mm GL:10mm Nut: 24mm
  • M20 x 1.5 thread glands
DES Screws

Fits all sizes of enclosures

  • Accepts slot and cross head screws
  • Additional screws can be ordered
NCU-61 Legends

Strong, silver plastic & self-adhesive

  • Size: 18 x 18mm
  • 30 different legends, 50 legends on each sheet

Control Station and Switch Accessories

DBA9 LED Bulbs

Bulbs fit all sizes and come in:

  • Red (R), Yellow (Y), Green (G),
    Blue (S), White (W)
DBA9 Pilot Lamp Round Head
Bulb Holder
DCB Contact Blocks
  • DCB-01 (Brown) & DCB-10 (black)
DPPB30-01 Mounting Adaptor
  • Transfer ring from 22mm to 30mm (2 pcs)
DM01 Shrouds
  • Shrouds come in yellow and white with hole
DPB22-RO1C Emergency Stop Legend
  • Round, yellow disc with 22Ø hole.
DPPB22-01C Legend Holder
DPB22-(01-14,50) Standard Legend Code
DPB22-D06 Transparent Boots
  • Rubber rectangular boot
DPPB-P06 Rubber Cap
DPPB-02T Fixing Nut Tool



Door Panel Enclosure BrochureOur new range of Door Panel Enclosures are made from ABS HB material to IP65 standard can be used in seaside conditions, dry dusty environments and in heavy humidity. New Kwik Fix Cable Glands are also available.
Read more about our new Door Panel Enclosures.

Unique Snap-On Brackets Now Available

Din Rail & Wall Brackets

Unique, snap-on, easy to fix DIN rail and wall mounting brackets. One size fits all Screw Fixing Enclosures.

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